Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Cupcakes


I have to be honest. I don’t believe that I’ve tried sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving. I know, I know! I think as a kid I just thought it was “gross”, and since then I haven’t bothered to try it. My mom’s would be covered in marshmallows, and it would LOOK good, but it just seemed like the marshmallows were hiding the sweet potatoes and I was going to be let down somehow. Maybe if I’m around some, I’ll try them. Tastes change as we get older, so maybe I’ll like them?

Anyway, here are the Thanksgiving Sweet Potato cupcakes! These babies are definitely deceiving because they are totally sweet through and through!

Serve this along side the other side dish cupcakes (see below) for a fun twist on your holiday favorites!


Check out the other cupcakes in this Thanksgiving Side Dish Cupcake series!

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