S’mores Parfait

S'mores Parfait

Looking to make a special treat that will remind you of the s’mores you’d enjoy fire-side?  Try this S’mores Parfait (that you can make with a little “adult” addition for extra fun!)

S’mores Parfait Recipe

• 1 package of chocolate flavored instant pudding mix + 2 cups of milk
• Heavy whipping cream
• Graham crackers, crushed up
• Mini Marshmallows
• 1 Shot of Kahlua mixed in with the pudding (optional for an adult beverage)

• Prepare instant pudding mix according to the directions on the back. (Optional: add the kahlua in).
• Using an electric mixer, add about ½ cup of whipping cream and mix on high until it is stiff.
• Using a jar or a cute bowl, layer the crushed up graham crackers on the bottom.
• Add a layer of chocolate pudding, then another layer of whipped cream.
• Repeat process until the jar is filled and your last layer is heavy whipping cream.
• Add a few marshmallows and crushed up graham crackers on top. Roast the marshmallows a little bit.
• Serve and enjoy!




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