Slow Cooker Easy Beef Roast

slow cooker beef roast, slow cooker easy beef roast
This beef roast was super juicy and delicious, and incredibly easy. I love when the slow cooker makes a dish or entire meal so simple to prepare and cook! What I love most about this slow cooker beef roast recipe is that it’s perfect to throw together in the morning and then let sit all day. The aroma is just mouth-watering and it’s so tender and juicy when it’s completely cooked! Be sure to try this slow cooker easy beef roast soon!

Slow Cooker Easy Beef Roast


1 beef roast (I think mine was a 3-4 pounder, didn’t really pay attention)
Beef broth 1-2 cups
Worchestershire sauce 3-4 tablespoons (I just went for it until it smelled really good, no real measurement in mine)
Garlic, 2 tablespoons, minced (or grated if using whole cloves)
Onion, half a medium or so, grated or diced
Dried Rosemary, about a tablespoon
Bay Leaves (I used 3, they were really small)

Put everything into slow cooker. It’s that easy. Put the roast in, then throw everything else in, put the lid on. Mine cooked on HIGH for 6-6.5 hours. Serve with noodles, rice, or potatoes.

grate onions, grated onions, how to grate onions
I grated my onion to get all the juices, and just to avoid pieces of onion. No picky eaters in my house, I’m just not a fan of onion pieces. If you prefer, go ahead and dice the onion!

slow cooker easy beef roast
Here is my roast in the slow cooker (used a liner for easy clean up!) ready to go! See how tiny my bay leaves were?! You can see all the minced garlic and the Worchestershire sauce on top. It smelled so good and it wasn’t even cooked yet!

And presenting… the fully cooked, completely juicy slow cooker beef roast!

slow cooker beef roast


    • Mandi says

      Yep, they are made by Reynold’s and can be found in the plastic wrap/aluminum foil aisle. I think they are AMAZING. I wait for the slow cooker to completely cool before I remove it and just twist it closed if there’s any liquid and throw away!

  1. says

    I’ve used those and thought they were great – but my family has this hangup about plastic bags and thought my slow cooker food tasted like plastic – so rather than put up with listening to them, I just don’t use them any longer. Did make clean-up easy (- for me. But what good is that if nobody would eat the food?

    • Mandi says

      Cindi you are so right. I’d rather spend an hour scrubbing the insert then have a family complaining about my cooking! I wish they had some sort of reusable/washable liner, that would be more cost effective. I haven’t had any complaints about a plastic taste, so whenever I see coupons for them I load up.

    • Mandi says

      I would maybe do a veggie broth if going with a pork roast and keep everything else the same. It just sounds like it would be the right choice. You’ll have to let me know what you do and how it turns out!

  2. says

    That looks so good and I love to use my crock pot as much as possible. I am going to give this a try this weekend and see how the family likes it. Thanks for the new recipe!

  3. says

    If you are doing a pork roast or tenderloin, try combining Apricot jelly/jam (smallest jar) and 1/4 cup gouldens mustard (or any spicy mustard). It will be juicy AND taste like a swee BBQ. I make this in the oven, but my Mom did it in the slow cooker and said it tasted the same – so what the heck!
    Can’t wait to try this recipe! Thanks Mandi! – AMF

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