5 Things You Would Learn About Me If You Walked Through My House

1) This granola is the most amazing thing ever. It’s chocolate, with dried raspberries and little chunks of chocolate. It is so good with french vanilla yogurt. I have just 1 bag right now, with a good handful or two missing. A month or so ago, I ordered a 6 pack from Amazon.com and when it arrived there was music playing and angels singing. The granola lasted maybe 2 weeks. Yum!

2) I HATE my “pantry”. You can’t even call it that because when I hear that word, I think of a closet that has shelves. What we have is a freestanding cabinet unit (with child lock) that is too small and disorganized.

3) Right now, we are going through the entire house and taking trip after trip of bags and boxes away for donation. Books, toys, clothes, kitchen items, everything. We have too much stuff and in order to get it IN order, we have to clear some of it out. Right now the pile consists of some dishes, a full bag of clothes (all mine), some books, and miscellaneous.

4) This is typically what our living room looks like everyday. We just painted (and I don’t think I’m used to it yet, it’s so bright in here!) and we have a new TV stand to put together (with glass doors that we can lock to keep curious fingers away), and will be getting a new sofa this weekend (leather, baby!) but the toys and diaper-only baby? Yea, that’s typical. Not pictured is Baby Girl, she was napping.

5) My desk is always a mess. You might be able to see these items right now: empty baby bottle, iPhone, wallet, baby monitor, measuring tape, can of condensed air, outlet covers, a towel, tablets, phone charger, Nikon. I won’t even bother with the drawer, it’s just a junk drawer at this point with a random assortment of office and home goods. It’s a dumping ground, but it’s one of the most used areas on any given day because this is where I work.

I’m linking this up over at MomDot with other bloggers. Take a peek inside our homes to learn more!


    • Mandi says

      I also bought a bag of the apple kind. I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m guessing on top of some vanilla ice cream is going to be delicious!!

    • Mandi says

      YES! I have another cabinet (like what’s under a sink, not a freestanding) that has cereals and ‘overflow’. Chips and things go on top, as you can see, and then instead of a bunch of boxes for things like fruit snacks and granola bars, they are emptied into basket. Takes up a little less room but not much. It’s a horrible system. When we were a family of 3 it was okay, but with each additional child it’s gotten worse.

  1. says

    We have a small pantry, too, and even though we don’t eat a lot of shelf-stable food it’s still frustrating how little room there is! It makes me crazy. That granola looks good, too…mmmmm!

  2. says

    I use to have a pantry cabinet just like that – you do what you can! Now I have a pantry/laundry room. But it’s full of more ‘stuff’ than food. One day I’ll organize it!

  3. says

    I love that granola too! I was nice and shared some of mine and when mine was gone regretted my generosity. :(
    I can see where the pantry could be a problem. Would another one fit beside it?
    I enjoyed my visit and congrats on that new couch.

    • Mandi says

      Another would fit, but I’m turning that space into a command center for the kids, mainly to keep jackets and backpacks off the floor. That’s a future blog post!

  4. says

    The granola looks awesome!

    Btw, you desk is clean in comparison to mine. I was too embarrassed to show a photo of that wreck–lol

  5. says

    Wait… scrolling back to the top. Did you say chocolate and raspberries and chocolate? Oh be still my heart. :)

    Your living room looks similar to ours, only ours is due to cats and cat toys taking over. You’d think that when the kids are grown and gone that you’d have a ‘House Beautiful’ living room. Nope. Doesn’t happen.

    • Mandi says

      Yes it is! And pink (of course!). I really like them, we were using Playtex VentAire and the measurement markings on the side completely rubbed off! I’m talking, brand new bottles, after about a week of usage (just one baby), no way to see how many ounces! Such a pain so we switched.

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